Infermieri Milano
Home nursing in Milan


Skilled and highly trained ipasvi registered nurses , provides highest levels of private nursing and care at home across Milan.
We've got years of important experience in homecare, performing a wide range of procedures including woundcare with complex medications etc.

Our privat nursing care and domestic services are individually tailored to serve you best, performed conscientiously and according recent scientific know-how.
Milan our approach means we can provide short-term care if you are recovering from an illness or operation and permanent long-term care if you have an enduring illness or disabilities.

Our staff ensure holistic care, that all your health needs are met from the first moment. We'll fully take care of the patient giving support for relatives,working together in an multidisciplinary team.

Homecare nurses will go in and assist in difficult situations where the patients are unable to move outside their homes, or for those who simply prefer receive professional help at home, ensuring injecting or intravenous therapies, vaccinations, bandages, catheterization, and renewal of simple or complex dressings.
In our home nurse services you'll find procedures as blodd samples, enema evacuation, complex dressings on bedsores, vascular leg ulcers, diabetic foot etc.

Ultrasonic debridement in italy - we are the only ones able to use this sort of tecnology in homecare.


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