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Nurse Clinic Milan We are a team of qualified and highly trained registered nurses specialized in primary care with important clinical experience from hospitals.

From a social and medical point of you, with years of experience working in this city, we are very much aware of the healthcare needs of the population of Milan.

We are strongly motivated in meeting a variety of healthcare needs of the citizens applying advanced practice and running an effective service, conscious of the difficulties they often find in trying to achieve adequate nurse assistance and in short time nearby their homes.

Clinic nurses nursing services

The clinic's services are part of the patient's broader healthcare pathway. Our aim is to represent a valid support for the patients and their relatives, performing short and long-term health care, operating both in the Multidisciplinary Medical Center and in homecare. Aware of the importance of performing services accessible for everyone, we offer a wide range of procedures at fair and reasonable prices, in addition to assisting highly complex patients.

Our services includes education, counseling and advice in bureaucratic procedures as application for invalidism, supplies for health-assistive devices and much more.

Clinic Nurses - nursing and procedures performed:

Besides a complete and individualized healthcareplan , with the aim of protecting health in its complexity, we give you below a list of some of the procedures we provide in the Multidisciplinary Medical Center San Marco and in homecare:

  • Blood and urine samples;
  • Intramuscular injection e subcutaneous;
  • Intravenous therapy and rehydration;
  • Simple and complex wound dressings;
  • Catheterization, ostomy care, drainage care;
  • Electrocardiogram etc...


Registered nurse Danilo Bellini Mob 368-3514074
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